Shopping Areas


Without doubt Hazratganj is the best place for premium shopping experience in Lucknow, which is fully packed with premium showrooms, malls, outlets, restaurants, multiplexes/ cinemas, and home of many state government offices. It is as famous as Connaught Place for shopping in Delhi. However, Hazratganj is not for bargain shoppers as it is the most luxurious market in Lucknow, but you can buy there all daily lifestyle items with premium quality. It is the best place to buy jewelry items, and all types of men’s, women’s and kids cloths; especially handmade embroidered kurtas/kurtis & sarees of famous Chikan material. So if you’re visiting Hazratganj for eating out or entertainment, don’t forget to experience the luxurious shopping in the heart of city Hazratganj.

Nakhas Market

Believed to be more than 200 years old, Nakhas Market is supposedly the oldest market in the city of Lucknow. Located in the oldest part of the city, this market is popular for zardozi embroidered garments, wooden items and jewellery. The market is divided into various sub-markets like Nakhas Bazar, Bird Market and Vegetable Market to make shopping easier for visitors. The Bird Market is a major draw—you can buy pet birds and little animals like parrot, rabbit and mouse here. In addition, the weekly Sunday market is also an attraction, when about 1200 makeshift shops sell second-hand goods, electric spares and almost every daily use item. Apart from its old shops, Nakhas Market is also famous for its food joints. Delicious kebabs, biryani and paan are available on street carts. A vibrant, noisy street market, Nakhas is a complete storehouse of antiques.


One of the oldest market of Lucknow, and no wonder if I say there is no shopping place in Lucknow which can compete with Aminabad local market. It is the home of all type of fabulous shopping in Lucknow. Doesn’t matter what are you looking for, Aminabad shopping market has something for every shoppers which fulfill needs of everyone. Aminabad market is mainly famous for jewellery, books, Chikan embroidered clothing; especially wedding lehengas and sherwanis. There are very large chain of garments shops which offers wedding clothes for bride and groom within cheap, average to premium budget. So you don’t need worry about budget problem during weeding shopping in Aminabad Lucknow. And the best thing is bargaining! :-) If you are professional in bargaining, Aminabad may be the right location for cheap shopping in Lucknow.


Chowk, one of the famous markets of old Lucknow, is a definitely must go shopping place in Lucknow for buy garments, decorated with fine fabrics and famous handcraft Chikan embroidery work. However, Chowk market is also blended with famous showrooms of local and international brand; still handcrafted items are the main attraction of this market which makes it a unique attraction of the city. Find here brief info of famous tourist places in Lucknow.


Without the main market of Lucknow, Alambagh is best known for its shopping experience. This crowded sidewalk market is fully blended with all categories of shops, hotels, restaurants and street eating outs. Not only shopping complex and malls, but also you will easily find roadside streets shop of outfits for cheap shopping.

Yahiyaganj Market

Very close to popular Nakhas market, Yahiyaganj is the main whole sale market of Lucknow to buy cosmetic products, toys, cloths, crackers, metal bartan, masala and other kitchen items at whole sale rate. There are also a very famous and historical Gurudwara in Yahiyaganj market where you can go for peace. So I think you have all the reasons to visit Yahiyaganj, if you’re passing through Nakhas. However, it is closed on Thursday.