About NSSI

Dear Delegates & Members of NSSI,

As the curtains fall on NSSICON 2017 at Chandigarh there is a new dawn appearing for NSSICON 2018 in the beautiful “cultural city of Nawabs” - Lucknow. The city has to offer a unique feature to its travellers, which are a perfect combination of its rich traditions and the modern growth of new-mannerisms.  On behalf of NSSI and the Organizing Committee, I welcome you all to Lucknow for the Annual conference of NSSI 2018.

The Neurological Surgeon’s Society of India exists to enhance health care and to improve the quality of lives through the advancement of neurosurgical education and scientific exchange. Our objective is to enable our members to enhance the health care they deliver to their patients by facilitating the exchange of scientific information at the highest level. In pursuit of this goal, we arrange a wide range of meetings, conferences and educational courses yearly.  NSSI is the premier educational organization in the field of neurological surgery in the country. Our mission drives us to cultivate quality neurosurgeons.  By means of our scientific journal “Indian Journal of Neurosurgery” we advance the practice of neurosurgery in India by inspiring and facilitating scientific research and foster its translation to clinical practice.  Moreover our goal is to facilitate and strengthen the relationship amongst the members of society and thereby further build a strong network of co-operation between Neurosurgeons within the country and globally. It is also our responsibility to formulate institutional and national policies on matters of debate with conflicting management principles of neurosurgical ailments considering the prevailing scenario in country like ours.

This coming February via the 7th annual NSSI conference we will present a very exciting and scientific milieu. I request you all to participate actively in the scientific deliberations. Be ready with your research papers, experience, technical advancements, collaborative work and major breakthrough for this upcoming scientific event. I assure you of a high standard of the scientific programme. Also, the NSSI encourages young Neurosurgeons by conferring different awards during the conference following evaluation of their presentation, posters etc. I hope these endeavours will not only benefit the members of the society but would also strengthen the field of neurosurgery.

Looking forwards to your active participation at Lucknow in the NSSICON 2018. I wish the Organizing secretary all the best for organization & success of events. 

Dr. Raj Kumar

President, NSSI